February 24, 2022

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the General Assembly of SEEN was held and the nominations for the election of a new Board of Directors with a three-year term took place. At the first meeting of the Board of Directors on February 23, 2022, it was formed in a House and the positions were distributed to the new members as follows:

  • Chairman : Spyridon Paschalis
  • Vice President of Coastal Shipping : Efstratios Apergis
  • Vice President of International Voyages : Spyridon Protopapadakis
  • Vice President of Cruise: Antonios Gelasakis
  • General Secretary : Theologos Panagiotakis
  • Treasurer : Dionysios Theodoratos

Following a proposal by Mr. Paschalis, the new Board of Directors awarded Mr. Michalis Sakellis the title of Honorary President of SEEN.