August 16, 2018

Probably it is the first time that a ship launch includes a political statement. When shipowner Vincenzo Onorato launched ro-ro vessel MARIA GRAZIA ONORATO at the Flensburg FSG shipyard, he also launched a petition in defense of Italian seafarers on Italian ships. The ship acted as manifest, with the slogan “Onorato for the Italian Seafarers” painted on the hull (in Italian).

He also asks non-EU seafarers to comply with maritime work in Italy and the E.U.

  • Ships flying the Italian flag, in regular service between EU countries, must embark Italian or EU crew to access the tax benefits provided by the State;
  • Contracts of non-EU staff on Italian ships in international service must be standardized to those of Italian / EU seafarers.
  • Safety standards must be guaranteed and verified for all seafarers.