March 25, 2021

Norled, Slemmestad Brygge and Brødrene Aa will move passenger traffic from the E18 motorway to the sea by developing a new transport system consisting of electric fast ferries that operate in the Oslo Fjord and near central Oslo.

The new transport solution will have a very positive environmental effect.

“If we are able to get commuters to choose fast ferryboats instead of driving, it will relieve the road network in the region, reduce noise and accidents, cut CO2 emissions and improve bus and professional traffic,” says project manager Karolina Adolfsson (Norled).

The project will start in the spring of 2021 and will be completed in 2024. The project receives support through Pilot-E, which is a collaboration between the Research Council, Innovation Norway and Enova. NOK 17 million has been allocated to Norled and Slemmestad Brygge, and NOK 13 million to Brødrene Aa for the development of the innovative solutions in the project.

The project will also develop new innovative infrastructure related to electric charging, piers, public facilities and easy transition to buses, bicycles and cars.