June 17, 2021

In an official statement (Statement, in French), HRH Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, asks all companies involved in the seasonal migration of Moroccan expats, to keep the levels of pricing fair, for both ferry crossings and flights.

Recently the Moroccan Government stated that the return of Moroccan emigrants –known as Operation Marhaba– will be made exclusively “from the same transit ports as last year” (= Marseille, Sète, Genoa). Again, no Spain.

The Government asks for more capacity on the routes, and it is also rumoured to look at a connection Tanger Med – Portimao (Portugal).

Planned capacity is actually 48,000 pax and 15,000 cars, every week between 15 June and 15 September (source: El Confidencial)

Officially the decision not to use the Spanish ports is because of the pandemic, but most observers feel it is a political issue.