Kapellskär is the First Swedish Port with Vacuum Automooring

October 6, 2023

Finnlines’ new ship, FINNSIRIUS, introduced innovative technology at Port of Kapellskär:

  • Automatic mooring with vacuum pads and next-generation electrical connection systems were implemented.
  • The vacuum technology allows for secure and rapid mooring and unmooring of vessels in less than 30 and 15 seconds, respectively.
  • The upgrade in technology was made in collaboration with Finnlines to enhance sustainability, safety, and operational efficiency.
  • Automatic mooring with vacuum technology eliminates the risk of personal injury, a significant improvement over traditional mooring with ropes.
  • The reduction in mooring time allows the ship’s engines to be shut down earlier, resulting in substantial fuel savings and reduced NOx and CO2 emissions, especially when combined with shore power.
  • FINNSIRIUS connects to shore power in Kapellskär harbor using the PowerReach NxG crane, delivering up to 4 MVA of power.
  • Shore power significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions while improving working conditions by reducing noise and ship vibrations.
  • All of Stockholm’s harbors have been equipped with shore power connections, a technology in use since the 1980s.
  • The facilities for automatic mooring and shore power in Kapellskär harbor are partly funded by the EU project “Upgrade of the Baltic Sea bridge Kapellskär – Naantali (MoS Finnlink)” and national investment support from Klimatklivet.