January 31, 2019

Irish Ferries Will Appeal The NTA’s Decision In The Courts

Irish Ferries expressed its disappointment with the issuing of notices by the National Transport Authority (NTA) in respect of the cancellations that arose following the delayed arrival of the new W.B. YEATS ferry.

  • Since the delay was due to unforeseen delays by the shipbuilder FSG, and was notified to passengers months ahead of planned sailings, Irish Ferries does not agree that the company infringed the relevant EU Regulation.
  • Irish Ferries believes it took every reasonable action to provide passengers with alternative travel options, from a no-quibble immediate refund to allow them to make alternative travel plans, as well as alternative sailings on the OSCAR WILDE out of Rosslare and Land bridge alternatives via the UK.
  • Ongoing discussions with the NTA on the interpretation of EU regulation has been a critical factor in concluding that Irish Ferries are unlikely to operate the OSCAR WILDE to France out of Rosslare in 2019. The NTA’s approach to the Regulation has contributed to making the route commercially unviable into the future.
  • Irish Ferries has, on numerous occasions, attempted to engage with the NTA by offering to enter into a mediation process without any preconditions. The NTA have not taken up this offer.

Irish Ferries will appeal the NTA’s decision in the courts (including, if needed, the European Court of Justice).