Interview with Dr. Emanuele Grimaldi, head of the Grimaldi Group and President of ICS

June 21, 2024

Interview with Dr. Emanuele Grimaldi, head of the Grimaldi Group and President of ICS

In collaboration with Jan-Philip Eckmann we have the pleasure to share the article published in RoPax 12 (May 2023). Key points discussed include:

  1. Fleet Expansion and Innovation: Grimaldi has introduced 12 new RoRo Eco-class vessels, ordered 15 ammonia-ready Pure Car & Truck Carriers, and plans to use innovative technologies such as the “gate rudder” to reduce carbon intensity by 50%.
  2. 2022 Performance: 2022 was the best year in Grimaldi’s history, surpassing 2021, with notable performance from Grimaldi Lines, ACL, and Finnlines.
  3. Baltic Sea Operations: Finnlines reported strong results due to new Eco-class vessels, increased passenger numbers, and the introduction of a new Irish service.
  4. New Services and Competition: New services between Sweden and Poland have started, and new Super Star RoPax vessels have been introduced between Finland and Sweden, despite reduced cargo to Russia.
  5. Environmental Initiatives: Grimaldi focuses on sustainability, with plans for ammonia-ready propulsion systems, carbon capture technologies, and solar panels on new vessels. The group also proposes a tax and reward system to incentivize the use of green fuels.
  6. Market and Route Developments: Grimaldi’s new routes include Naples to Palermo and expanded services in the Balearic Islands. They see potential in Igoumenitsa for growth in cargo traffic from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Turkey.
  7. Digitalization and AI: The company has optimized routes using digitalization, achieving 3% fuel savings, and plans further advancements in AI for operational efficiency.
  8. Future Fuel and Emission Strategies: Grimaldi explores various zero-carbon fuels and carbon capture techniques, aiming to comply with global emission targets by 2050. The company advocates for a global approach to carbon taxation led by the IMO.

The interview highlights Grimaldi’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and strategic growth in the shipping industry.