Industry-first digital climate twin to enable greener ferries

August 29, 2022

Scandlines has chosen the Danish climate tech startup ReFlow (*) to develop advanced climate twins of its latest “Zero-emission” ferry design using cutting-edge life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology.

The steel is currently being cut at Cemre Shipyard for the zero-emission vessel contracted by Scandlines for the Puttgarden-Rødby route. Over the following months, ReFlow will build a detailed life-cycle model representing the vessel from its construction to its end of life many years from now. The model will show the environmental impact of the ferry, not only in its use but also from its construction at Cemre Shipyard along with the installed equipment. The digital “climate twin” will make it possible for Scandlines to run simulations on the use of new green technology on the ferry something that is nearly impossible today.

(*) ReFlow: The 16-person Danish-based climate tech startup advises leading shipowners and OEMs and non-maritime actors on climate matters related to their products and vessels, providing much-needed granular and science-based digital climate data. ReFlow launched its digital solution last year and is already used by major shipowners and suppliers as it makes it easy to make lifecycle calculations, simulations and share this data.