May 24, 2024

Last week, the Tasmanian government confirmed that Spirit operator, TT-Line, had agreed in March to pay an additional $81 million to Finnish shipbuilder Rauma Marine Constructions, after cost blowout.

This week, it was confirmed the Finnish government had committed to match this amount — and also to underwrite the future financial viability of RMC.

In return, TT-Line removed a key clause from the contract: RMC would no longer have to pay late fees.

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Photo: RMC

Peel Ports announced plans to explore the first green shipping corridor between the UK and Ireland through a partnership with NatPower Marine. The proposals involve over £100m investment in charging infrastructure for electric vessels, cars, vans, and HGVs at UK and Ireland ports. The initial routes identified are Belfast-Heysham and Dublin-Birkenhead.