August 16, 2018

Some highlights of Tallink Grupp’s half-year results for the period January 1 – June 30, 2018:

  • 6 million passengers (+0.8%), with most notable growth of 11.4% on the Latvia-Sweden route.
  • Cars 533,710 (+1.3%).
  • Steady increase of cargo transportation (+9.2%). The lion’s share was carried on the Estonia-Finland route: 122,914 cargo units (+10.4%). The most notable growth was on Latvia-Sweden, where a total of 7,832 cargo units were transported (+45.8%).
  • Sales revenue decreased (-2.6%), providing EUR 439.6m of unaudited revenue
  • Unaudited net loss EUR 4.3m (2.4m).



  • Increase in fuel prices.
  • The decline in the absolute number of passengers on the Tallinn-Helsinki route in Q2, although Tallink has managed to increase both passenger numbers and market share on this route as a result of investments.
  • The excise duty levels in place in Estonia have an impact on the results and affect the Estonian tourism and service sectors negatively as a whole.