November 12, 2020

According to a new Ministerial Decision, the measures taken concerning the operation of the Coastal Shipping in Greece from November 1 to November 30, 2020 are as follows:

  • Only the permanent residents of the islands will be allowed to travel by passenger or passenger ferries
  • Passengers without face masks will not be allowed to embark on board ferries
  • The allowed ferry capacity is set at 50%, or 55% if they have cabins
  • The operation of all types of ships and boats, including private excursion boats and commercial tourist ships, boats and sea taxis from mainland Greece to the islands and vice versa, as well as between of the islands is forbidden
  • The arrival of cruise ships is prohibited, regardless of the flag for the ship. Cruise ships, that are already in Greek waters can continue without disembarking the passengers in the ports of approach, except the planned final port of the cruise, if it is Greek.