Gotlandsbolaget published its annual report

March 24, 2023

January-December 2022:

  • Revenues SEK 2,918.8 million (2,336.5)
  • The increase is due to increased traffic revenue for Destination Gotland, new revenue for Hansa Destinations and an improved product tank market.
  • The costs amounted to -3,048.2 MSEK (-2,212.6).
  • Increased costs during the year are mainly due to higher fuel prices for Destination Gotland and Hansa Destinations.
  • Adjusted operating profit amounted to SEK -129.4 million (123.9), corresponding to SEK -51.8 (49.6) per share.
  • The total adjusted operating profit for the companies that operate ferry traffic (Destination Gotland AB and Hansa Destination AB) amounted to -417.2 MSEK (122.9).
  • In terms of fuel, Destination Gotland gradually carried out a temporary fuel change from LNG to MGO. The company intends to return to LNG and biogas as soon as the price picture permits, and the origin of the gas can be ensured (= non-Russian).
  • Long-term goal remains firm: Gotlandstrafiken’s carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced by 70% in 2030 (compared to 2010) and be climate neutral by 2045.
  • To reach climate goals, the company is developing the next generation of ships – the Horizon series, which will be powered by hydrogen gas. The goal is that at least one of the ships must be in service by 2030 at the latest.

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