May 27, 2021

The Godby Shipping Newsletter gives some interesting insights:

  • The roro market reached its peak end 2018 – beginning 2019 and then gradually declined during 2020 and early 2021.
  • On the demand side there was a combination of uncertainty regarding Brexit, a trade conflict between USA and China and early signs of a general economical downturn.
  • On the supply side there was pressure coming from the relatively large orderbook for roros.
  • The roro market is a lot better than a year ago but some of the contracts will lock in low or very low rates at least until end 2021.
  • Profitability will therefore be affected by the spring 2020 market collapse for years to come.
  • Godby thinks that the roro market will be relatively weak – but hopefully rising – during the whole year 2021 and probably also 2022.


  • BALTICA: Sea-Cargo did not declare the optional periods. Instead, chartered to TransProCon for military shipments on the Mediterranean Sea for the period May – June. (afterwards sold to Salamis – see below)
  • MISTRAL contract with Smyril has been extended until September 2021 with options for to extend until December 2022
  • BALTIC BRIGHT: charter contract with Holmen
  • LINK STAR UPM-Kymmene until May 2021
  • MIDAS Accordia Shipping until December 2021
  • MIMER CMA CGM December 2021
  • MISANA and MISIDA Sea-Cargo December 2021 + options