April 15, 2021

In a letter to the shareholders, GetLink’s Chairman Jacques Gounon makes a clear statement: crossing the Channel by Tunnel leaves a better footprint than by ferry.

“Eurotunnel’s truck traffic is returning to normal, after the destocking at the beginning of the year and the implementation of customs controls related to the Brexit. We (Getlink) are closely monitoring attempts to bypass these controls by going through Ireland, even if this represents only a marginal flow. The ferries are organising themselves to capture these flows: that is all very well. But where is the fight against climate change? We remind carriers and especially their customers that the carbon footprint for transporting goods by this Irish route is much greater than when using our Shuttles.”

He concludes that, “We are going to put more and more emphasis on our environmental advantage: we have already made a lot of progress, but we are stepping up our efforts and will announce our climate plan at the end of May 2021.”