October 28, 2021

After the first year, FRS draws a positive conclusion about the takeover of the Elbfähre Glückstadt Wischhafen.

  • First steps towards digitalization: new sales system + onboard card payment.
  • The takeover by FRS took place in the middle of the pandemic: difficult first seven months due to lockdowns.
  • Since June 1, the four ferries have been running for the first time since the start of the pandemic to the same extent as they were last time in March 2020.
  • Since August, the transport volume have also been back to pre-Corona levels.


FRS Elbfähre has developed a concept paper that sets up the future of the ferry line with green mobility for northern Germany.

  • Emission-free ferry operation is possible with new propulsion technologies of the existing ships, or with newbuildings.
  • Relocating the ferry pier in Wischhafen could also reduce the crossing time and thus increase the number of departures.
  • FRS is in talks with politicians and the nature conservation associations BUND and NABU to discuss the alternatives to the A20 Elbe Tunnel project. “This project is not justifiable for ecological, financial or economic reasons,” says FRS. (see the statement in German on the FRS website).
  • The silting up of the Wischhafener Süderelbe represents a major challenge in ferry traffic. Due to the deepening of the Elbe, among other things, the side arm of the Elbe is silting up more and more, making smooth ferry operations increasingly difficult.