FINNSIRIUS made two calls in Southern Italy and Northern Europe before reaching Naantali

August 25, 2023

FINNSIRIUS, just delivered to Finnlines by China Merchants Jinling shipyard, called at the port of Gioia Tauro before reaching the port of Naantali to start the regular line with Långnäs and Kapellskär from mid- September.

In Southern Italy, the Superstar-class new vessel discharged new cars loaded in China and embarked new vans to be delivered in Northern Europe.

The Grimaldi-controlled ferry company stated that FINNSIRIUS’ maiden voyage from Naantali to Kapellskär will take place on Friday 15 September 2023. The first passengers will then get to travel on the new ship and enjoy special programmes: music entertainment, a guided tour around the ship, extra offers in the restaurants and in the tax-free shop. Tickets for the maiden voyage are now available via Finnlines’ website.

FINNSIRIUS departures from Naantali will be scheduled in the mornings at 11:45 on Monday–Wednesday, and at 10:30 on Thursday–Sunday. The ship arrives in Kapellskär after rush hours and the drive to Stockholm takes only one hour.

FINNSIRIUS will depart from Kapellskär in the evening.