December 16, 2021

At the end of January 2022, ropax EUROPALINK will replace FINNFELLOW on the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route.

First, she will replace FINNSWAN during her scheduled dry docking at the beginning of January.

The cargo capacity will increase by 1,200 lane meters and passenger capacity by over 100. She will sail under the Finnish flag, employing about 80 Finnish seafarers.

EUROPALINK is one of the series of five ropax vessels, one of which, FINNSWAN, has been operating on the route since 2018. The entry of EUROPALINK means that both morning and evening departures offer the same capacity and a uniform service concept and facilities for all customers.

Before transferring to the Finland–Sweden traffic, the public areas on EUROPALINK will be refurbished to upgrade travel comfort.

FINNFELLOW will move from Naantali to the Malmö–Travemünde route.