Finnlines Annual Report 2023

March 29, 2024

Emanuele Grimaldi, Chairman of the Finnlines Board, stresses the urgency of addressing climate change and calls for collaboration among stakeholders to achieve decarbonization goals. This includes investing in green technology, developing new fuels, and adapting to changes in vessel design and operation. Financial resources are crucial to fund these initiatives, with significant investments needed in production facilities, fuel supply infrastructure, and engine technology.

Mr Grimaldi says that as the shipping industry moves towards greener fuels and technologies, it’s imperative to not only strategize for the environmental transition but also to consider the transition for seafarers. With the adoption of new fuels, vessels will be designed differently, posing challenges for seafarers accustomed to conventional ship designs. Furthermore, seafarers may require retraining to effectively navigate digitalization and other technological innovations accompanying these changes. Thus, ensuring that seafarers are adequately prepared for these shifts is crucial for the successful implementation of sustainable practices in the shipping sector.

A couple of weeks ago, Ferry Shipping News published Finnlines’ Financial review January–December 2023.

Now the Annual report 2023 is out. Click on the cover below to directly access the Finnlines web page.