April 2, 2020

DFDS Wins New German Paper Contract

DFDS is to transport 50,000 tons of paper from the German Schoellershammer’s paper mill in Düren to the UK and Norway. The agreement includes both logistics and ferry as well as warehousing in Immingham.

  • About 24.000 tons will be shipped from Zeebrugge to Immingham as StoRo cargo and stored in a warehouse in Immingham until required by the customer.
  • 640 Trailer loads (16.000 tons) will be shipped as direct door-to-door deliveries in the UK by Logistics in the Netherlands using the Vlaardingen ‒ Immingham ferry route.
  • Up to 400 Trailer loads (10.000 Tons) will be shipped as door-to-door transport to Norway by Logistics in Belgium, via the Ghent/Zeebrugge ‒ Gothenburg ferry routes.