Ferry crossing costs revealed for this summer

By 23 February 20242024 Newsletter week 08
February 23, 2024

Are you planning a holiday? For many destinations, the ferry is an excellent alternative to, for example, the aeroplane. But what’s the cost, actually, for a crossing with (or without) the car? Ferry and travel portal FerryGoGo investigated the prices for various crossings this coming summer. They looked at the total costs, the distance, and the cost per kilometre. They also compared the data with last year’s prices.

The research included international crossings with overnight stays (>150 km), short international crossings (<150 km), and domestic crossings. The price was based on a return trip for 2 people and a standard car.

Some conclusions and trends that emerge from the data:

  • The average distance of international crossings with overnight stays was approximately 600 kilometres – the average price per kilometre is €1.10. While some crossings have significantly increased in price, for example, the crossing from IJmuiden to Newcastle is nearly 20% cheaper than in 2023.
  • The most expensive international crossing with overnight stays is from Denmark to Iceland with a total price of €2,768, while the cheapest is Hoek van Holland – Harwich.
  • The average domestic crossing costs around €4.27 per kilometre. The Netherlands predominates here. Without a car, it’s €1.56 per kilometre. The crossing to Texel is comparatively cheap compared to the other Wadden Islands.
  • For short international crossings (<150 km), you’ll spend an average of about €3.14 per kilometre. The crossing from Hirtshals to Kristiansand is the cheapest per kilometre, while the crossing between Helsingør-Helsingborg has dropped by more than 50%.
  • For the most popular crossing: from Calais to Dover, you pay €170 for 2 people and a car. That’s €2.13 per kilometre.
  • It’s noteworthy that the average price level hasn’t changed much compared to a year earlier. There are significant differences per connection.

All prices were researched between 19th and 21st February 2024, during which it was also noted that various crossings were almost fully booked for the summer. The analysis focused on the week from 29th June to 6th July, from Saturday to Saturday.

In total, the study examined 34 different crossings: 15 international crossings with overnight stays, 8 short international crossings, and 11 domestic European crossings. Furthermore, the price for 2 people and a car was considered, along with the total price and the straight-line distance. Subsequently, the cost per kilometre for a ferry crossing was calculated.

All data from the research can be consulted on https://ferrygogo.com/cost-of-ferry-crossing/