EST-Floattech delivers Octopus Series Energy Storage Solution to Holland Shipyards Group for SFK Ferry Laboe

By 9 February 20242024 Newsletter week 6
February 9, 2024

EST-Floattech successfully delivered and commissioned an Octopus Series battery system on the SFK Ferry LABOE. The ferry was recently successfully delivered to Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel (SFK) by Holland Shipyards Group. It is the 6th ferry in a series of 7 ferries with which SFK has the ambition to lower its CO2 emissions.

The Laboe is equipped with 560 kWh of the Octopus High Energy system. This battery system ensures the energy consumption remains low during the sailing, as the vessel can easily switch between generators and the battery system. The vessel can even sail fully emission-free around the city of Kiel, where it transports commuting pedestrians and cyclists from A to B.