Estonia launches a call for tender for a new generation zero emission ferry

By 22 December 20232023 Newsletter week 51
December 22, 2023

On 11 December 2023, the Estonian State Fleet announced the procurement of a new energy-efficient ferry.

The deadline for submission of tenders for the construction and design of the vessel is 17 January 2024.

The new Estonian ferry will be unique in the region:

  • hydrogen fuel, in addition to shore-supplied electricity.
  • operate without noise and vibrations.
  • operate in fully autonomous mode with crew onboard.
  • readiness for remote control with onboard back-up and situational awareness.

A conceptual ferry design and feasibility study were developed with Deltamarin Ltd. in the preparatory phase of the construction project to verify which characteristics

According to the plans, the new ferry will start operating on the Virtsu–Kuivastu route on 1 October 2026.

The estimated cost of the procurement is around 40 million euros.

The shipbuilding will be financed by the European Modernisation Fund and revenues from CO2 emissions trading.