April 21, 2022

DSV already has a logistics centre in the Flemish part of North Sea Port for the storage and distribution of goods for, among others, the health sector and the chemical industry.

On a site of 18 hectares, 100,000 m2 of sheds will be built for the storage and distribution of goods for various customers, good for 250 extra jobs. This new investment will be realized at the Kluizendok (Ghent). From here, the goods can be transported to and from the European hinterland by road transport, by seagoing vessels, inland waterway vessels or by rail.

With the new building, DSV wants to improve and expand the possibilities of its Ghent health cluster, including in the field of activities with added value (Value Added Logistics) and process automation. The building will contain temperature-controlled storage areas in ambient temperature, 2-8°C, -20°C, -40°C and -80°C, with the division into standard sized compartments allowing flexibility in use. The extra capacity will also enable DSV to enable further growth in other target groups. DSV strives to realize the most sustainable DSV warehouse in the Benelux in terms of design, construction, layout and use. In addition, DSV will invest more in multimodality through a high-quality sustainability program, whereby DSV foresees a significant increase in the use of containers via the port.