March 17, 2022

Roro freight: For the last twelve months 2022-21, the total transported freight lane metres increased 6.2% to 43.1m from 40.6m in 2021-20.

Total volumes in February 2022 were 2.5% below 2021 (-3.1% adjusted for route changes). The decrease was mainly due to lower English Channel volumes as the market share in February 2021 was elevated by a successful transition post Brexit.

Moreover, the market share in February 2022 was reduced as Irish Ferries has entered additional capacity into the market.

North Sea volumes were above 2021 while Baltic Sea volumes were below 2021, partly due to reduction of capacity by a ferry on one route.

Volumes in the Mediterranean network were up on all routes on the back of deployment of more capacity and continued good growth in Turkish exports.

Ferry – passenger: The number of passengers started to increase in February as travel restrictions were reduced. The number of passengers increased almost five times to 95k which equalled 40% of the number of passengers in February 2020, the latest comparable month pre-Covid-19. Volumes primarily increased between Norway and Denmark as well as on the Channel.

For the last twelve months 2022-21, the total number of passengers was 1.0m compared to 1.1m in 2021-20 and 5.1m in 2019, the latter being the latest pre-Covid-19 year.