DALEELA: Arrived in Piraeus —from Cyprus— on June 20

June 23, 2022

On the afternoon of June 20, Scandro Holding Ltd’s RoPax DALEELA arrived for the first time at the port Piraeus, from Limassol, reopening the ferry connection between Greece and Cyprus after 22 years.

The ship was carrying 155 passengers, 38 vehicles and 7 motorcycles, as well as several officials, including the Deputy Minister of Shipping of Cyprus Mr. Vassilis Dimitriadis.

After the ships’ arrival at the port statements were also made by the Greek Deputy Minister of Shipping Mr. Kostas Katsafados and the Deputy Minister of Tourism Mrs. Sofia Zaharaki.

The ferry connection is subsidized with EUR 5,475 million per year, with a three-year contract and with a possible extension for another three years.

DALEELA will operate 22 round trips, as the line is seasonal.

Photos: voyagair.shipspotting (Christos Chatzaras)