November 11, 2021

CLdN writes on LinkedIn that it is a top performer for CO2 emissions per tonne of freight carried. This statement is based on public MRV data for pure freight ro-ro vessels, as published on EMSA/Thetis-MRV.

CLdN RoRo says that, with a weighted average emission for its fleet of 36 g CO2/tonne-km ( or 67 g CO2/tonne-nm) in 2020, CLdN RoRo emitted 17% less greenhouse gas per tonne of cargo carried than their second best competitor.

Typical emissions of other modes of freight transport:

Plane: 1036 g CO2/tonne-km

Truck: 137 g CO2/tonne-km

Train: 24 g CO2/tonne-km

CLdN RoRo vessel HERMINE: 21g CO2/tonne-km.

This means HERMINE emits less carbon than a train, concludes CLdN RoRo.

CLdN’s ambition is to further reduce its carbon footprint and to maintain its position as greenest ro-ro operator by:

  • Slow steaming
  • Innovative propulsion
  • Operational efficiency

CLdN asked PwC to run an independent check and the report can now be downloaded via below link (click on page to go to and then go to “Cases”).