French shipbuilding group Piriou settles in Romania and takes over ATG shipyard

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ATG shipyard became a 100% subsidiary of French Piriou Group.

ATG shipyard is located in Giurgiu, 60 km south of Bucarest-Romania.

Firstly exclusively dedicated to building vessels for inland waterway shipping, ATG gradually broadened its scope in building hulls and vessels for the offshore cargo transport, fishing industries, etc.

The shipyard of Giurgiu is located on 15 Ha of land and fitted with 30,000 m2 of workshops. Four 110m assembly halls communicate via a transfer area with a 110m and 3,000t lifting capacity synchrolift. This synchrolift overlooks a well-protected dock that communicates with the Danube.

The shipyard outfit quay is nearly 250m long.

Piriou builds ferries as well: see some examples.

Havilla Voyages’ first of four ships set sail

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Sunday 12.12.21 was a historic day both for Havila Voyages and for the coastal route Bergen-Kirkenes when Tersan-built HAVILA CAPELLA set sail.

The large amount of battery power allows to sail for four hours without noise and emissions, which will have its importance especially in the world heritage fjords.

The food concept on board with no buffets and where guests are personally served at their tables for all meals also means that Havila Voyages will cut food waste by a total of 60 tonnes per year.

Three more ships are under construction. When all in operation, Hurtigruten will have 7 ships and Havila Voyages 4 on the classic Norwegian coastal voyage.

Finnlines introduces a larger vessel on Finland and Sweden

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At the end of January 2022, ropax EUROPALINK will replace FINNFELLOW on the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route.

First, she will replace FINNSWAN during her scheduled dry docking at the beginning of January.

The cargo capacity will increase by 1,200 lane meters and passenger capacity by over 100. She will sail under the Finnish flag, employing about 80 Finnish seafarers.

EUROPALINK is one of the series of five ropax vessels, one of which, FINNSWAN, has been operating on the route since 2018. The entry of EUROPALINK means that both morning and evening departures offer the same capacity and a uniform service concept and facilities for all customers.

Before transferring to the Finland–Sweden traffic, the public areas on EUROPALINK will be refurbished to upgrade travel comfort.

FINNFELLOW will move from Naantali to the Malmö–Travemünde route.

New ferry for Alaska

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Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy and Transportation Commissioner Ryan Anderson announced their plan to re-energize the Alaska Marine Highway System. Among the significant capital investments is a new ocean-class vessel to replace the 57-year-old TUSTUMENA ferry.

The replacement vessel is estimated to cost $200 million to $250 million and will be competitively bid. The new ship is expected to begin service in 2027. The new ship’s vehicle and passenger capacity would increase by 40 percent over the TUSTUMENA, from 34 to 52 vehicles and from 160 to 250 passengers.