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Salamis Launches New Weekly Service

After having acquired ro-ro vessel AKRITAS, Salamis Lines have announced the start of a new weekly service. The vessel will serve the ports of Thessaloniki , Limassol and Haifa as from Friday 12 April.

FSG Successfully Launch Seventh Ro-Ro For SIEM

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On 8 April, the Flensburger-Schiffbau-Gesellschaft’s seventh ro-ro ship for SIEM was successfully launched.

Her name, LEEVSTEN, comes from the Lower German dialect and means “Dearest”.

The Onorato Group charters the two previous SIEM units ALF POLLACK and MARIA GRAZIA ONORATO. Local newspaper Kieler Nachrichte reports that the LEEVSTEN goes to “a Mediterranean company”.

She will be delivered during summer.

Length: 209,79 m / Speed: 21,3 knots / Lane metre: 4,076 / Trailer capacity: 283

Watch a video from the launch


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Strong Year 2018 For Copenhagen Malmö Port

  • Turnover: SEK 908 million (SEK 839 million).
  • Operating income: SEK 110 million (SEK 78 million)
  • Profit: SEK 46.7 million (26.3 million)
  • CMP handled 15.1 million tonnes of freight compared with 15.5 million tonnes in 2017.
  • Decrease in volumes in the oil sector. Success story mainly due to cruise business.
  • Increase in ro-ro volumes: 298,000 handled units.


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Baleària Sees Important Growth On North-Africa Routes

+11% passengers: 4,320,000

+17% vehicles: 1,209,000

+5% turnover: €381,400,000

-14% EBITDA: €70,300,000

-37% net profit: €27,400,000

  • 22% of Baleària passengers = foreign market. On these international lines, passenger growth was 26% while sales exceeded 84 million euros (16% more). Half of the group’s passengers (2,277,000) travelled the lines connecting the Iberian Peninsula to northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Ceuta and Melilla); thus, northern Africa is the area where the company is growing the most.
  • 50% of business is cargo, with a growth of 3.3% (5,800,000 lane metres of goods carried).
  • Reasons for drop in EBITDA and net profit are the high cost of the implementation of the new routes on the Alboran Sea and around the Canary Islands, along with the increased bunker price.
  • Trend expected to remain steady this financial year while new traffic routes are consolidated and the planned ship engine refittings are completed as they are currently inactive.


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Havila Kystruten And Kongsberg Sign Long-Term Service Agreement

Havila Kystruten AS and Kongsberg have signed a 10-year “Power-by-the-Hour” service agreement for four new coastal cruise vessels that are currently under construction in Spain and Turkey. The contract value is 150 MNOK.

Power-by-the-Hour was launched in 2017, and was first sold to the cargo operator NorLines. The agreement means that the vessel owners is handing the responsibility for service planning and performance back to the equipment’s supplier, Kongsberg Maritime. The customer pays a fixed charge per hour of operation, per ship. Kongsberg Maritime monitors the equipment aboard each vessel from on shore, collecting data from onboard sensors. Kongsberg’s engineers will be able to connect to the ship and carry out service activities remotely or, if necessary, send out a service engineer to do the job.

From January 2021, Havila Kystruten will operate four passenger ships on the coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes. The ships will be equipped with a large equipment package from Kongsberg Maritime, including main propulsion thrusters of type Azipull with Permanent Magnet (PM) drive motor, PM tunnel thrusters, and stabilisers. Kongsberg also delivers the ships LNG systems, which include four Rolls-Royce Bergen gas engines.


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Dispute Between Iceland And New Polish-Built Ferry

Iceland’s Minister of Transport said the country would not pay an extra billion Icelandic kronor (€ 7.5 million) for the HERJOLFUR. This ferry is built by Crist S.A. in Gdynia, for the connection with the island of Vestmannaeyjar.
The minister says the yard has sent an extra, unexpected invoice at a very late stage.
The issue has to do with the fact that during the building process Iceland required the hybrid design to be changed into full electric.
The issue will be brought to Court.
The hope is nevertheless to have the ferry delivered.

In Marseille, Corsica Linea Is Creating More Terminal Capacity

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Last year, Corsica Linea transported 1.2 million lane metres of freight. This growth means a shortage of space in the port of Marseille.

Works are being undertaken to increase the terminal capacity, and to make the link between ship and shore more efficient for the movement of unaccompanied ro-ro freight.

Parking space will go up from 202 lorries to 272.


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After having been rebuilt for Levante Ferries, KEFALONIA is seen here doing sea trials.

  • Unity Line’s KOPERNIK has arrived in Perama, Greece. Whether or not the vessel will be scrapped is unclear.
  • Trasmeditteranea’s newly renamed CIUDAD DE MAHON resumed service between Barcelona and Ibiza on Wednesday 10 April.
  • This year, HSC GOTLANDIA will be on standby with Destination Gotland. GOTLANDIA II will sail to Västervik.