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AS Tallink Grupp Repayment Of 900 Million NOK Bond

AS Tallink Grupp has repaid NOK 900 million senior unsecured bonds that were issued and listed in Oslo Stock Exchange in October 2013.

The bonds were repaid in total amount of EUR 120 million, of which EUR 110 million was drawn from the loan and EUR 10 million from company’s cash reserves.


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Versonix Just Received Approval For U.S. Patent Application

Versonix has received approval for U.S. Patent Application No. 13/938,084 System and Method for Reservation Inventory Management. This technology will allow Versonix to operate in an environment where Inventory can be managed/sold from various physical locations without requiring continuous broadband/network connectivity between the nodes. The practical application is the ability to run Versonix Seaware on ships and remote ports with limited connectivity. This technology reinforces the leading position of Versonix’s reservation system compared to competing software products.

Smooth Sailing For Stena Line’s Battery Hybrid Vessel

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The STENA JUTLANDICA has now completed its first month of operation as a battery hybrid vessel. Experiences from these first weeks have exceeded expectations.

The project to convert her to a battery hybrid vessel is being carried out in 3 steps.

1) Switching to electrical operation to reduce the use of diesel generators, for maneuvering and powering the bow thrusters when the ship is in port.

2) Battery power will be connected to two of the four primary machines, which means that she will be able to run on electrical power for about 10 nautical miles inside the Gothenburg archipelago out to Vinga Lighthouse.

3) All four primary machines will be connected to the batteries and the ship will be able to cover the 50 nautical miles between Sweden and Denmark solely on electrical power.

The technical solutions in the first step have been developed by Stena Teknik in collaboration with the Callenberg Technology Group, with half of the funding for the project coming from the Swedish Transport Administration and the EU.

“The UK Needs A Deal, Not Chartered-In Ships,” Says UK Chamber Of Shipping

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Responding to reports that Government may charter ships in the event of a No-Deal Brexit, UK Chamber of Shipping CEO Bob Sanguinetti said:

“It is not clear how Government chartering ships would really help.  I don’t see how Government itself can move goods faster or more efficiently than the private sector, particularly as those goods will still need to go through the same customs procedures in ports – which is where the real problem would be.


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“Stop Trying To Delay Environmental Rules,” Says CEO DFDS

Shipowners around the world need to stop trying to delay environmental regulation and become more engaged with the sustainable developments in society according to Niels Smedegaard, Chief Executive of Danish shipowner DFDS.

Port Of Calais Is Dreaming Of The Return Of The Golden Age

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The hotels and restaurants of Calais are dreaming about the return of the tax-free era, once the Brexit is a fact.

After the duty-free was abolished in 1997, Calais lost 40% of its tourist traffic. The city was used to have a lot of British day-trippers.

When Brexit was announced in April 2017, an association has been created under the name “Yes to Duty Free.” Some of its members include ferry companies DFDS and P&O, Eurotunnel and SEPD (Société d’exploitation des ports du Detroit).