Tanger Med Satisfied With Efficient Operation Marhaba 2018

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  • Marhaba: the period where Moroccans living abroad visit their home country.
  • The operation started 5 June, ended 15 September.
  • 11 ferries on Tanger Med – Algeciras. Departure every 30 minute.
  • Total traffic for the Marhaba: Pax=1,741,212 / Cars=464,977 / Coaches=4,390
  • Peak period from 27 August till 2 September: Pax=295,127 / Cars=63,873 / Coaches=352.
  • Day record on 27 August: Pax=53,137 and Cars=10,510.
  • Waiting times in average: 2 hours. Peak: 18 hours.
  • General trend: less passengers than last year, more vehicles.


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ESPO Welcome Parliament’s Explicit Support To Remove The Tax Barriers For Shore-Side Electricity For Ships

(25 Sepember) The Transport committee of the European Parliament supported the removal of tax barriers for the uptake of shore-side electricity supply (OPS) in ports for ships at berth. The Ertug report on the deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels in the EU which was voted by the Transport committee, pointed out that taxation has a major impact on the price competitiveness of alternative fuels and underlined that disparities in energy taxation for shore-side supply for ships should be addressed.

European ports welcome the vote in the Parliament and believe that energy taxation on electricity has been a significant barrier for the uptake of shore-side electricity for ships, being often the reason why it does not make a strong business case.

Kurt Bodewig Has Been Appointed As New Motorways Of The Sea Coordinator


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La Méridionale Presents LNG As Shore Power Solution In Ajaccio

Ferry company La Méridionale has done a test with an LNG-powered genset for cold ironing, in Ajaccio, with their ferry GIROLATA. The demonstration was given on 20 September in front of several local decision makers and politicians.

To make cold ironing happen, money will have to be invested by the authorities. Also, to make it possible, an economically viable model will have to be created.

CAT Hits Record Numbers

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CAT Hits Record Numbers

  • CAT is a high-speed ferry between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine.
  • CAT’s August ridership numbers largest in service history.
  • But: the numbers are far below what has been predicted by Nova Scotia’s Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) department.


Photo: Bay Ferries Limited / Northumberland Ferries Limited

Conferry’s Floating Cemetery To Be Transferred To Shipyard

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Several ferries that are anchored in the Venezuelan municipalities of Anzoátegui and Nueva Esparta will be transferred to the Dianca shipyard (Diques y Astilleros Nacionales Compañía Anónima).


CARMEN ERNESTINA is in the shipyard of the Araya Peninsula, after sinking in 2016 in Puerto La Cruz.

The only operational ferry is the HSC VIRGEN DEL VALLE II, which operates on two of the four engines.

What this transfer means is unknown

Financing Of The Fehmarn Tunnel Put Into Doubt By An EU Ruling About The Oresund Bridge Funding

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News website Jydske Vestkyste quoted a lawyer, saying that the EU verdict about the appeal of HH Ferries could threaten the construction of the Fehmarn tunnel between Germany and Denmark.

In simple words, what is it about?

  • HH Ferries have submitted complaints to the EU Commission claiming that the Danish/Swedish guarantee on the Consortium loans are illegal according to the State Aid rules.
  • In October 2015 the Commission decided against HH Ferries.
  • The decision by the Commission was brought by the EU General Court with the Danish and Swedish states as interveners.
  • The General Court has now reached a decision. Via below link the 60-page document can be downloaded.

In a reaction to the article, the communication manager of the Fehmarn tunnel replied, saying that the Court’s verdict says nothing about the state guarantee model being illegal. The decision merely states that the Commission has not followed all the procedures.

Download: Decision in case T-68/15, HH Ferries and others against the Commission regarding illegal state aid (60 pages)