“bound4blue” to install three suction sails on Ro-Ro VILLE DE BORDEAUX

By 29 September 20232023 Newsletter week 39
September 29, 2023

Airbus will equip one of the vessels it uses to transport aircraft subassemblies, chartered from shipowner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, with a wind-assisted propulsion technology that captures wind energy to generate thrust and, therefore, delivers savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The eSAIL®, developed by the Spain-based firm bound4blue, creates as much as six to seven times more lift than a conventional rigid sail. It consists of a sail-like vertical surface and an electric-powered air suction system that helps the airflow to re-adhere to the sail, generating additional lift and thereby reducing the load on the ship’s main engines.

Three 22-metre-high eSAILs® will be fitted to the VILLE DE BORDEAUX ahead of a six-month performance monitoring period starting early 2024.