February 24, 2022

January– December 2021 (compared to January–December 2020)

  • Sales amounted to EUR 258.2 million (EUR 188.8 million)
  • Other operating revenue was EUR 46.8 million (EUR 26.9 million)
  • Operating income totalled EUR 32.1 million (EUR -49.3 million)
  • Net financial items were EUR -3.8 million (EUR -3.6 million)
  • Income before taxes amounted to EUR 28.3 million (EUR -52.9 million)
  • Income after taxes totalled EUR 24.4 million (EUR -42.3 million)

Outlook for the financial year 2022

  • The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on Viking Line’s results. Uncertainty about regulatory requirements, aid, the effects of vaccination programmes and thus related limitations for passenger traffic, and market demand will affect Viking Line’s operations, results and financial position in 2022 as well.
  • In 2021, a number of fixed assets were sold, which led to a strengthening of the company’s liquidity and had a positive effect on income. Viking Line does not foresee similar asset sales in 2022.
  • Taking into account the non-recurring nature of the items mentioned above, the uncertainty about the course of the pandemic – which so far has had a significant negative impact on the first quarter – and more stringent regulatory requirements and the current geopolitical situation, it is still too soon to quantify the impact on results so no earnings forecast for 2022 has been provided.