July 11, 2019

The subject of the link was discussed before the Committee on Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, where Deputy Minister of Shipping Natassa Peylidou and Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios were invited to attend.

The viability study of the specific ferry link is completed.

The Cypriot government will subsidy the whole operation. So, after the completion of the study the process continues with the approval of the funds that the Cypriot government will agree to give for the line.

Soon will follow the bidding process in order to find the appropriate entrepreneur to undertake this task. The Cypriot state will subsidise the link but not the commercial part.

The officials underline that the completion of that process is scheduled before the summer of 2019 while the ferry ticket will be cheaper than the airline. It is also discussed the possibility of an intermediate stop at Rhodes island. The frequency of the trip will be once a week from May to September and in the winter months once every fortnight. The trip will last 30 hours.

The port that is more likely to serve the line in Cyprus will be Limassol.

Source: theseanation.gr