March 25, 2021

Covid and Brexit in the same year. Not a good recipe for bright figures. But Brittany Ferries has a clear and powerful vision on how to overcome these difficult moments.

“With a collective will to return stronger, I believe Brittany Ferries will overcome the greatest challenge in its history,” said Jean-Marc Roué at the AGM.

752,102 passengers might seem a lot, but that was less than a third of a normal year.

85% of the passengers are British. Unsurprisingly, the UK corona travel restrictions caused a devastating effect on the bookings.

Freight did much better with 160k units in total.

The year 2020 had also some positive elements:

  • Brittany Ferries won the third in a series of Brexit-related ferry contracts with the UK government.
  • The rail project (linking Cherbourg with Bayonne) is on track for a launch in 2022.
  • New ship: GALICIA

Brittany Ferries created an ambitious 4-pillar recovery plan:

  • Greener vessels: 2 LNG-powered E-Flexer class vessels will join sister-ship GALICIA in 2022 and 2023.
  • Brittany Ferries had reaffirmed its commitment to the French flag and French seafarers. It has called for all French seafarers to be recognised as essential workers.
  • The commitment and determination of Brittany Ferries’ founders, and the French farmers who continues to support it today, is reflected in a will to continue the journey taken by the company since 1972.
  • P This pillar goes hand-in-hand with on-going support from the regions, banks and government for which the company is grateful.