A SeaJets family member acquires 5,48% of MIG stocks

By 3 February 20232023 Newsletter week 5
February 3, 2023

On Februray 1, 2023, the Athens Stock Market announced that Mrs Despoina Iliopoulou (daughter of Mr Marios Iliopoulos – Seajets), holds 5,48% of voting rights, through Ration Holding LTD, in Marfin Investment Group after the acquisition of shares on 31 January 2023.

By that agreement, Mrs Iliopoulou holds 51,525,000 voting rights out of 939,510,748 voting rights of the Issuer.

The announcement brings new developments to MIG’s ongoing transformation story, considering that with the control of 5.48% of MIG, the Iliopoulos (SeaJets) family becomes its second largest shareholder after Piraeus Bank.

SeaJets owns 17 passenger ships, most of which are high-speed crafts and connects 33 Aegean islands and Crete, while its fleet transport capacity is 3,500 cars and 20,000 passengers.