A new electric ferry for Norway’s challenging Vestfjord, Lofoten

March 8, 2024

Western Baltija Shipbuilding in Klaipeda, Lithuania will build an electric ferry for Torghatten Nord:

  • Design “NSD 50CFb” by The Norwegian Ship Design Company in cooperation with Torghatten Nord
  • LOA 73m, 50 cars, 199 pax
  • Route (1): Svolvær – the small island of Skrova, Lofoten.
  • Route (2): During the summer the ferry will also cross the Vestfjord and travel to Skutvik on the mainland. This 2-hour crossing over the exposed Vestfjord is a major tourist attraction.
  • Fully enclosed car deck due to the harsh weather conditions north of the Arctic Circle,
  • Torghatten Nord chose to opt for fully electric operation between Svolvær and Skrova (was not a requirement in the tender)
  • Delivery 2026, Q1