2022 was a record year for Grimaldi Group

June 23, 2023

Grimaldi Group 2022 in figures:

  • +41% turnover : 4.8 billion (3.4 billion in 2021).
  • +78.8% EBITDA: 1.7 billion
  • +140.8% EBIT: 1.2 billion

These results are the result of “higher volumes of passengers and new cars transported, as well as containers and general cargo” and “are by far the best achieved by the Grimaldi Group in its long history and confirm exponential and continuous growth, with the exception of 2020, which was affected by the effects of Covid.”

At the end of last year the managed fleet consisted of about 140 vessels, of which 130 owned, with an average age of about 14 years.

Outlook: “The management has not recorded any reductions in activities and/or volumes transported in the first months of the year 2023.”

 Also mentioned in the annual report:

The 1995-built EUROFERRY OLYMPIA owned by Grimaldi Group which caught fire in February last year while sailing off the Greek island Ereikoussa is bound for scrap soon.

She is to be sold to Dido Steel Corporation S.A. and will be dismantled and recycled.