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Ropax STENA LAGAN Lengthening Underway at Sedef Shipyard in Turkey

Italian heavy lift specialist Fagioli Group announced to have been contracted for the lengthening operation of STENA LAGAN at Sedef Shipyard.

“After the ship was cut by the client, Fagioli used synchronized skid shoes system to move forward the bow section. This operation allowed the client to insert the new section which lengthened the ship of about 36 meters” the company specified.

The work description provided by Fagioli also added: “At last, after welding activities between additional and stern section was completed, the bow section was skidded back in order to reassemble the ship in its final configuration”.

This operation is adding to a long list of “jumboizing” activity executed by Fagioli during the last ten years, mainly in Italy at Fincantieri shipyard.