Extended service with a new major linkspan at Stockholm Norvik Port

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Ports of Stockholm is investing in the RoRo segment and is building a large-sized new linkspan for rolling goods in Stockholm Norvik Port. It will give customers greater flexibility and a significantly improved loading and unloading capacity. Steel parts for the 146-metre long and 10-metre wide linkspan were transported by sea from Rauma in Finland. The linkspan is planned to be operational in July 2022.


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Sustainable Transport Node Initiative By Four Ports

Ports of Stockholm, Belfast, Lübeck and Ghent have applied for EU grant funding to invest in the role of ports as a node and driving force in sustainable transport provision.

The joint application is for green ports of the future to be multi-modal nodes for sustainable and smart mobility through innovation and research within electrification and development of alternative fuels.

The overarching goal is the significant reduction of air pollutant emissions within port areas.

For Ports of Stockholm, the planned project includes the possibility to scale up existing onshore power electricity connection capabilities to be able to charge heavier road vehicles and to provide large-scale battery charging facilities for RoPax ships. Stena Line, a customer of the ports in both Stockholm and Belfast, is one of the additional alliance partners in the EU application for investment in electrification and battery-powered shipping.

The application also includes testing of emission-free machinery within the port areas, a study and pilot trial of autonomous passenger boats and last mile delivery services, as well as charging capabilities for smaller passenger vessels.

STENA FLAVIA Inaugurates Ports of Stockholm’s Norvik Port RoRo Terminal

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Stena Line’s STENA FLAVIA was the first to call at the roro terminal of Stockholm Norvik Port (in Nynäshamn).

The arrival coincided with the opening of the gates to the new roro terminal, offering substantially greater capacity and growth opportunities for multiple shipping companies.

The new ferry terminal is an important part of Stena Lines expansion plans in the Baltic Sea that includes the deployment of two new modern ferries and 30 % additional freight capacity on the Nynäshamn-Ventspils route in 2021 (the lengthened ferries).

Ports Of Stockholm Satisfied With Freight – Passenger Strategy

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Ro-ro freight grew by a total of 5%.

The largest increases were at ports located outside the heart of Stockholm itself, entirely in line with the strategy to concentrate passenger services to the city’s central ports and freighted goods to the ports peripheral to Stockholm’s city centre.

At the Port of Kapellskär, north of Stockholm, goods volumes grew by 7%, and at the Port of Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm, growth was 15%.

Freight volumes to and from Poland have risen by as much as 60%.