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Grimaldi’s Ro-Pax Terminal Won Against Porto Livorno 2000 in the Port of Livorno

The regional administrative court in Tuscany stated this week that Grimaldi-participated terminal Sintermar Darsena Toscana can also handle passengers in the port of Livorno, thus rejecting the appeal from Porto Livorno 2000 (the passenger terminal controlled by Moby and with the participation from MSC).

Porto Livorno 2000 considered itself the only terminal operator of the port with the authorization to handle passengers from cruise vessels and ferries. Therefore it opposed the concession released in the recent past by the local port authority for a second ro-pax terminal to Sintermar Darsena Toscana.

The administrative regional court stated that Porto Livorno 2000 cannot be the only passenger terminal of the port recalling also the national and EU competition rules.

Grimaldi offers regular ro-pax services from Livorno to Sardinia and to Barcelona in Spain.