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The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules the prolongation until end 2023 of various Italian support measures for maritime transport under Italy’s “International Registry” scheme. The scheme encourages shipping companies to register their ships in Europe and so ensure higher social, environmental and safety standards.

Italy has also committed to a number of changes to its scheme to avoid undue competition distortion as well as to prevent any discrimination between shipping companies and registries of different European Economic Area (EEA) States.

At Least Three Groups of Companies Tendering for Local Maritime Transport in Venice

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  1. Caronte&Tourist in joint venture with Venezia City Sightseeing
  2. Alilauro, through the joint venture Alivenice created with Granturismo Venezia
  3. Bluferries

are the three group of companies which participated at the tender launched by the Municipality of Venice for a part of the maritime transport services in the lagoon.

This tender was launched some years ago and has been pending until now. A final decision is expected for April. The 9-year public contract is worth €178m and regards a 10% of the local public maritime transport services not managed by the Municipality-controlled ferry company Actv.