Q4 2022 Irish RoRo statistics revealed

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The Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) has published the latest sea freight statistics, covering Q 4 2022:

  • RoRo traffic at Republic of Ireland ports declined by 3%, compared to Q4 2021 with 295,192 units recorded. At Northern Irish ports the decline was 7% with 214,913 units recorded. The cause was said to be the global economic downturn.  The traffic split was 42% NI – GB, 39% ROI – GB and 19% ROI – EU.
  • 2022 was a record year for RoRo traffic to the Republic of Ireland, with 1.2 million units surpassed. The previous peak was 1.19 million units in 2019.
  • Of the 1.2 million units in 2022, 800,000 units were ROI – GB and 400,000 Direct EU routes. This compares to 1 million ROI – GB and 200,000 Direct EU pre-Brexit.  This is due to a decline in use of the UK Landbridge, decline in Northern Irish traffic using ROI – GB and some retail warehouses supplying ROI moving from the UK to mainland Europe.  Decline in Q4 was consistent across ROI – GB and ROI – EU.

The full report can be viewed here (Click on image)