Eckerö Group 2022, Q2 results

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  • +200% pax = 722,917 (240,209), which is in line with passenger volumes before the outbreak of the pandemic.
  • -4% cargo units = 41,432 (43,276)
  • Sales amounted to EUR 50.9 million (EUR 27.2 million)
  • The passenger market share was 66% (54%) on the short route between the Åland Islands and Sweden. On the route between Helsinki and Tallinn, the passenger market share was 29% (27%) and cargo market share was 31% (35%)
  • Bunker prices were high, however 30% of the estimated bunker volumes are price hedged
  • Operating result was EUR 1.0 million (EUR -2.0 million), adjusted for revenue from state support operating result was EUR 0.8 million (EUR -6.9 million)
  • Result for the period was EUR -0.2 million (EUR -1.0 million)
  • Interest-bearing liabilities were EUR 96.2 million (EUR 108.1 million)
  • Net debt was EUR 72.3 million (EUR 81.2 million)
  • Cash and cash equivalents amounted to EUR 23.8 million (EUR 26.9 million). Undrawn credit limits amounted to EUR 7.0 million (EUR 0.0 million)
  • Q3 has started with volumes on pre-pandemic levels


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Eckerö Group Shuts Down Birka Cruises

Victim of the pandemic, Eckerö Group has decided to close its subsidiary Birka Cruises Ab.

The Group sees no opportunity to start a profitable traffic again, according to CEO Björn Blomqvist in local media.

The company has operated on the Mariehamn-Stockholm line for 49 years.

Eckerö Group: strong freight figures in H1 in year with uncertainties

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Eckerö Group’s published its half-year results. The company operates two ro-pax ferries, one vessel for short cruises, and charters out two ro-ro ships.

The number of passengers decreased 1% but freight increased significantly with 22%. However, a weaker SEK value had a negative impact on earnings, and bunker prices have increased.
Eckerö’s operating profit for H1 was EUR 0.7 million (EUR 5.3 Million 2016 H1). Much is expected from H2.