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DFDS – Moby Agreement On New Amsterdam-Newcastle Ferries Cancelled

Official statement from DFDS:

On 6 September 2019, DFDS entered into an agreement with Moby to acquire two ferries, MOBY WONDER and MOBY AKI, for deployment on the Amsterdam-Newcastle route.

Moby would in turn acquire the two passenger ferries currently operating on Amsterdam-Newcastle, KING SEAWAYS and PRINCESS SEAWAYS.

The agreement was expected to be completed in the second half of October 2019, but Moby has unfortunately not been able to meet the delivery terms of the agreement. The agreement has therefore been cancelled.

DFDS will continue to explore solutions for a renewal of the ferries on the Amsterdam-Newcastle route.

Official statement from Moby:

The reason for the cancellation is that Moby has been unable to deliver to DFDS the two vessels free of the mortgages that have been granted to Unicredit as Security Agent for Moby’s secured financings. Moby believes that Unicredit was contractually obliged to provide consent to the release of the vessel mortgages as security agent, and intends to raise this issue formally with Unicredit as Security Agent and with its lenders.