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French Prime Minister Visits Toulon

During a visit to the French port of Toulon, PM Jean Castex signed an investment which includes EUR 1.7 million for the electrification of all berths.

Pierre Mattei, CEO of Corsica Ferries, was present too.

Photo: CCIduVar (via LinkedIn)


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Presidential Boost

“Reservations resumed at the very moment when President Macron indicated that travelers could move again”

Pierre Mattei, CEO Corsica Ferries

Emmanuel Macron’s speech announcing that it would be possible to spend the holidays with the family has increased the reservations of Corsican ferry and airline operators.

Reaction from Pierre Mattei, CEO Corsica Ferries:

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“It makes sense that the European Commission checks the amount of subsidies granted by the Collectivity of Corsica, so that they can ensure fair competition, and to verify that these subsidies actually improve public services. It already considered them unwarranted a few years ago and the settlement of the conviction is still ongoing.

The purpose of this investigation by the European Commission is to re-determine the reality of the need for public services estimated by the Corsican Transport Office with regard to the assessment of the private offer (enough or not enough capacity).

We had raised these points repeatedly with the Collectivity of Corsica who never wanted to hear our arguments.”