Blue Channel Line: Fourth Ferry Company on Calais

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With a video on his LinkedIn profile, Managing Director Sébastien Douvry has announced the imminent start of a new roro ferry company: Blue Channel Line.

Mr Douvry has a background from LD and DFDS, amongst others.

It is a roro service for unaccompanied freight, sailing between Calais and Tilbury, six times per week.

Planned starting date: 1 October 2021, with a 100-freight-unit roro ship.

Investors are from Calais but want to remain under the radar.

The ultimate goal is to invest in an ‘eco ship’, first with an exhaust gas cleaning system from Terraotherme, then with a ‘powered-by-sails-if-the-wind-is-right-vessel’ developed by Zéphyr & Borée.

The new company wants to be a multimodal company rather than only a shipping company.