MOBY VINCI and SHARDEN to be sold to MSC

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Moby has officially announced that two of its ferries, the ro-pax units MOBY VINCI and SHARDEN, will be sold to a company controlled by the MSC Group in the coming months.

Specifically, the ferries are to be acquired by Aponte’s Conglomerate Maritime Limited for a total sum of EUR 109 million. This sale is part of the shareholder loan provided by Mediterranean Shipping Company as support for Moby to repay debts and finalize the financial restructuring plan with creditors, which was approved last summer by the Court of Milan.

Last year, billionaire Gianluigi Aponte’s company acquired a 49% stake in the struggling Moby for an amount of up to EUR 150 million.

Ferry talk in the media

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In Greece, wrote that “the exchange agreement between Marfin Investment Group (MIG) and Strix Holdings was signed on Friday 12 May, whereby the former gives the latter Attica Group shares corresponding to 79.4% of the shipping company’s share capital, against loans of 443.8 million euros of MIG held by Strix.

In Spain, Trasmed Grimaldi and Insotel Marine Group create the Ferry Alliance.

The objective of both companies is “to enrich the global travel proposal for the Balearic market.”

Insotel Marine Group (part of Insotel Hotel Group) has ferry operators Trasmapi, Menorca Lines, Formentera Lines and Formentera Cargo in its portfolio. They operate between Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

The Ferry Alliance connects the Trasmed routes from the Iberic Peninsular with the island routes. []


In Mexico, Baja Ferries received its largest ship, the CALIFORNIA STAR, which docked at the Pichilingue port in La Paz. []

This former RoRo is now a RoPax after spending nine months at the Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Croatia.

New capacities: 2,850 lane metres | 400 passengers | 37 cabins | 2 seating areas | 2 restaurants.