ASSARMATORI chose the fuels for the future: LNG and biofuel

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Neither ammonia nor hydrogen. For the Italian shipowners association ASSARMATORI the right choices for the future are LNG and biofuels because they are already available and well tested. This was the key message that emerged this week in Rome at the annual meeting of the association, chaired by Stefano Messina, which represents almost all the short-sea and deep-sea RoRo and RoPax companies based and active in Italy. 

ASSARMATORI has asked Italian and European governments to focus on and select incentives and financial support for these two types of fuels, which have a higher price compared to traditional fuels. 

The association’s goal from now onwards is to obtain all the viable financial resources from ETS and FuelEU to sustain the green transition of maritime transport (through incentives for modal shift, fleet renewals, pricing for new fuels, etc.). 

Assarmatori: Italian Shipowners ask the revision of the IMO’s CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator)

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In a statement, Assarmatori President Stefano Messina’s says that the Italian Shipowners are concerned about the IMO’s new CII, “whose metrics urgently need to be revised.”

“As it is conceived today, it leads to effects opposite to those of environmental protection, penalising precisely the Italian vessels that every day ensure the shift from road to sea.”

“ETS revenues derived from maritime services in Italian ports must be allocated to the research and development of new technologies for maritime transport, such as alternative fuels. Again, we have reiterated how these fuels are unfortunately not yet available on a large scale with no adequate distribution and storage network in ports”, Messina concluded.

Seafarers shortage alarm on the Italian ferry market

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Shipowners associations Confitarma and Assarmatori, together with unions Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti, launched a shortage alarm regarding EU or Italian seafarers to embark on the ferries deployed on the local cabotage routes.

In a letter sent to the Director of the Transport ministry in charge for the maritime transport it is written that as of today some 1,100 workers would be needed but that the ferry companies cannot find them due to many factors. One of them is the Covid emergency.

The request is to obtain a temporary permission for embarking extra-EU seafarers (which is not possible for the local laws) or the possibility to move some workers from one ship to another inside the same fleet.

A dedicated law would be needed to change the rules therefore a real risk for some vessels to remain berthed is emerging for the summer peak season.