Alslinjen’s electric ferry put into production

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Steel cutting for Alslinjen’s new electric ferry recently took place at the Cemre Shipyard Tukey.

Molslinjen’s construction project manager, Ole Berg-Hansen, pressed the button to start the CNC plasma cutting machine, which cut through the very first plate for the new ferry.

To be completed in September 2024, the vessel’s key characteristics are;

  • 8 meters in length
  • 600 passengers
  • 188 cars
  • The ferry will have batteries of 3.1 MWh which can be fully charged in approx. 20 minutes

A similar vessel will be built for Samsø line, with production beginning 1 April 2023.

Video of steel cutting 

Cheaper Tickets Should Generate More Traffic on Alslinjen

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Alslinjen have started to add a dynamic low-cost structure to the existing ticketing system.
Based on early bookings and off-peak crossings, people can save money.

Alslinjen is one of the four Danske Færger ferry companies that was taken over by Molslinjen a year ago.
The ferry connects Bøjden and Fynshav. A road alternative is the Little Belt Bridge. However, CEO Carsten Jensen believes that the ferry crossing is a relaxing alternative for drivers.

During 2020 all routes will see the introduction of the Barista’s coffee concept.