Refit of ACTV’s MARCO POLO 1 ferry awarded to S&Y

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The process of renewing the fleet for the local public maritime transport company in the city of Venice is ongoing. AVM (Azienda Veneziana della Mobilità), having secured several contracts through successful tenders, including one for the construction of two double-ended ferries, has now awarded a refurbishment contract for the MARCO POLO 1.

This small ferry, originally built in 1983 by the local De Poli shipyard, will undergo renovation work valued at over EUR 4.2 million, awarded to S&Y Srl.

Notably, other companies such as Siman, Cantieri del Mediterraneo Spa, and the Croatian firm Viktor Lenac were also invited to participate in this restricted procedure initiated by Avm, the parent company of Actv (Venice Transport Consortium Company) shipping line.

The refurbishment of the MARCO POLO 1 is part of a broader investment plan aimed at modernizing the fleet of vessels used for local public transport in the Venice lagoon.

Approximately EUR 155 million, sourced from the Veneto Region, will fund the construction of 32 new ships, the development of several pontoons, and the refurbishment of 37 existing vessels.

Tender launched by ACTV of Venice for two double-ended ferries

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Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano (Actv), the public ferry company controlled by the Municipality of Venice, has just launched a short-term tender (expiring date 16 January 2023) aimed at finding interested shipyards for building two double-ended ferries with diesel-electric dual-fuel propulsion.

Tender price is EUR 32.24 million for both the vessels.

Another similar tender was launched one year ago but failed. Only Holland Shipyards submitted an offer.

Just one candidate to build a ferry for Venice’s ACTV, but excluded

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ACTV, the ferry company owned by the Municipality of Venice, provider of sea transport services, has just received no offers after a public tender was recently launched to find companies interested at designing and building a bidirectional ferry to be deployed in the lagoon. The contract value was EUR 12 million.

Holland Shipyards submitted its offer but has been excluded from the tender because some  documents were missing.

It’s not clear whether ACTV intends to relaunch a second public tender in the near future, with an increased price.

Public Tender Launched By Actv For The Design And Construction Of 12 Small Ferries For Venice

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Actv, the ferry company owned by the Municipality of Venice, provider of sea transport services, has just launched a public tender to find companies interested at designing and building 12 vessels to be deployed in the lagoon.

The entire contract is worth EUR 18.65 million, but it’s split in two: the first is worth EUR 5 million and is for five small ferries able of accommodating roughly 200 persons each, the second contract is for building 7 boats to be deployed on the longer distances.

The expiring date for submitting the offers is July 16th.